Sven Fuchs

I'm actively working with Ruby on Rails. If you have an account on workingwithrails (you should!) and use my code, like my blog or enjoy my support then please consider recommending me!

You can contact me at:

IRC: svenfuchs (I usually hang out on #artweb-design as well as #globalize, #mephisto.)
Skype: svenfuchs

... and you can follow me on Twitter

Also, you can find my profile pages on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook. If you know me, share some interests with me or just want to get in contact don't hesitate to invite me or add me to your connections! (I'm still figuring out how these networks will be useful to me.)

I have published some of my Ruby on Rails plugins on Agile Web Development, RailsLodge and Railsify. You can find more of my plugins, tools and other small things on my projects page.

I'm managing my bookmarks on and the music I'm listening to is scrobbled to I also have an account on ClaimID (even though you most probably don't care as there's still nothing to see).

What else?

For the sake of trying out Folksr's distributed votings ... I really agree that Folksr is cool! :) Also, let me say that Textmate is my favorite text editor.

artweb design
Sven Fuchs
Grünberger Str. 65
10245 Berlin, Germany

Fon +49 (30) 47 98 69 96
Fax +49 (30) 47 98 69 97